Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Okay, Muzak, what happened?

I've already related my distaste with Muzak junk once in my blog so I won't rehash that conversation.

That being said, is there anyone out there from Muzak who can explain what happened Saturday before last? I came into work and instead of hearing the same old normal drivel that passes for music, I heard either original versions of songs that they normally play shoddy remakes of or music I've never heard played before! For an hour or two, my ears were treated to the likes of The Drifters, B.J. Thomas, Jimmy Durante, and a host of other fine music!!!! I thought I had died and went to music heaven, lol! Then just as quick as the good stuff started the junky likes of Chicago and other lacking musical wanna-be's came back on. Come on, Muzak, 'fess up-did someone temporarily find their mind and decide to play some good music for once?

I found out a few years ago that Muzak programs the music for the CD channels on Dish Network. Man, they play some good music on the oldies country and rock stations both! Why can't they pass a little of that along on their Snot, er Hot, FM selection I hear up at work? Come on, Muzak, I challenge you to play some real music and see what happens!!!!!!!!!


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